Let's go on a tour to Luhur Mountain Citorek Indonesia

Rabu, 20 November 2019

Lebak ZonaXpose.com -Gunung Luhur is located in Citorek Kidul Village, Cibeber District, Lebak Regency, Banten Province. The distance from Rangkasbitung is around 70 kilometers, from Serang 90 kilometers, Tangerang City 130 kilometers, while from Jakarta around 140 kilometers

If you want to go to Mount Luhur from Rangkasbitung, you can take the route via Cipanas Gajrug, passing Ponpes La Tansa, Lebak Gedong until passing the Cewek Custom Wewengkon Gate.

While from Jakarta it can be through Rangkasbitung or Jasinga. If going through Jasinga, which passes through the City of Bogor - Lewiliang, Jasinga until passing the border of West Java - Banten in Cipanas, take the left to Ponpes La Tansa, continue to Citorek and Gunung Luhur.

Travel time from Rangkasbitung is 2 hours, from Serang around 3 hours, while from Jakarta it takes 4 - 5 hours.

For lodging, you can stay at the inn or inn, or stay at stalls that provide rooms at a rate of 150-250 thousand. Or rent a tent directly using the tariff 50 to 80 thousand rupiah.

Available toilets, prayer rooms, food stalls, four-wheeled parking and two to wifi.

The right time to visit the sublime mountain is the morning at 05.30 WIB until 08.00 WIB. Weekends are very crowded, if you want to be quiet, on weekdays.

For road access, it can be from Jakarta, Serang, Rangkasbitung to Cipanas. It is already smooth and can be passed by four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles.

More detailed information or need guidan
Can contact MOUNTAIN INFO at 085694525925 or 087773555211

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